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President's Message

President's Message Winter 2018

Welcome to the League of Women Voters San Jose/Santa Clara website. I am honored to be this year's president.

We're off to the races! Election 2018 to be precise. Our League is already in the midst of preparations for this exercise in democracy. As always the League is focused on making Democracy work.

Voter's Edge, our premier information source for the electorate on ballot measures and candidates' statements is ready for you. You can access this important information here.

Candidates' forums are important programs that we provide to give a space for civil and informative discussion of the issues important to our electorate. We are already being asked to provide forums for San Jose and Santa Clara County districts. District 9 is the first that is being organized. Do you need the League's assistance to conduct a forum in your area? You can contact us here.

We will provide PRO/CON presentations on ballot measures once they are developed by the appropriate level of League: League of Women Voters CA for state measures, for example. At these sessions we provide the major arguments on both sides of each measure, and questions from the audience are clarified. While presenting arguments impartially at forums and presentations, the League can take stands on some issues on which we have stated policies. Watch this site to become more informed on election related issues by attending a League managed Pros and Cons.

Our LWVSJSC board strongly opposes the Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative. A primary reason for this is that the initiative changes the city's masterplan, developed by community study and involvement, and the measure will be decided in June 2018 by a ballot vote. In addition, it opens the entire city up to development while exempting itself from existing safety and environmental requirements.

And, our members continue to monitor the City of Santa Clara Constitutional Amendment June ballot measure changing the at-large voting method. At this time our board is neutral on the proposed changes.

The League of Women Voters CA is strongly supporting Make It Fair, now titled The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act. Our members will be assisting with signature gathering, securing other endorsements and reaching out to the community and local officials to get this measure on the November ballot.

Thank you for supporting us as we work towards a stronger democracy.

Mary Collins


President League of Women Voters San Jose/Santa Clara