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President's Message

President's Message Spring 2017

Welcome to the League of Women Voters San Jose/Santa Clara website. I am honored to be this year's president.

In these important times our League and the League of Women Voters US continue standing for individual rights and the continuance of a vibrant democracy for all Americans regardless of religion or national origin. We also act to ensure a high quality of life for all. To achieve this in our local area our League acts on issues of affordable housing, adequate transportation, and stewardship of our environment and climate matters.

Central to our mission is the encouragement of civic involvement -- registration of voters begins this process. Registration occurs at many community events, especially naturalization ceremonies. On April 25th, we will be registering voters at the naturalization ceremony.

With the rollback of federal environmental protections and regulations, our local programs become even more important. Our climate action committee has spearheaded our league actions supporting the City of San Jose's Clean Energy Plan. Actions have included letters to the City Council supporting the plan, and attending community study sessions and council meetings considering the issue. The group continues to educate and stand for actions reinforcing the importance of reducing greenhouse gases.

It is encouraging to see that LWV will participate in the People's Climate March in Washington this April 29th to support solutions to the climate crisis and confront the issue with members of Congress. San Jose is hosting a sister climate march.

The City of Santa Clara has taken up the issue of development impact fees to provide funds necessary for affordable and low-income housing. We have attended city council meetings speaking in support of this program. Our league was invited to participate in a committee to provide further recommendations to the council.

As always, I thank you for your support and participation and interest in keeping our League a vigilant and powerful actor for democracy.

Mary Collins
League of Women Voters of San Jose/Santa Clara