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Life Without the League of Women Voters: a Poem

Life Without the League of Women Voters

This poem was written by Jim Gaughran, NBC Bay Area Executive Producer for News and closed his talk about election coverage at our Annual Meeting on June 5, 2010.

Oh my. Is it election time?
Boy, I really fell behind.
Between Facebook, Lost and Twitter
It must have slipped my mind.

But, no worries, I can rally
It's not that complicated.
Besides, I have those TV ads
To get me educated.

So there's no need to study.
The facts are there to see
In 30-second campaign ads
During C-S-I and Glee.

Prop 13 mentions earthquakes!
I'm opposed to shaky ground.
Since I live near a fault line
I'm voting that one down.

14 erases party lines
Now I've really got some clout!
That's twice as many candidates
I won't know anything about.

Now, money is the mother's milk
Of politics -- it's true.
And if Prop 15 opposes mothers,
I'm voting no on that one too.

P-G & E is helping me
Choose what's right and wrong.
And I'll read their stuff on Prop 16
When my power comes back on.

Prop 17 saves money
For those who drive with care
But I have so many tickets
I'm walking everywhere.

Meg Whitman likes garage sales
Steve Poizner loves to teach.
Tom Campbell's out of money
So Fiorina's at the beach.

Jerry Brown still wears a peace sign
Gavin Newsom.. a toupee.
And until Joe Montana unretires
I don't care where the Niners play.

Now, I'm really not this ill informed
I know the issues through and through.
But the only way that's possible
Is because of folks like you.

Like everybody else
I'm overwhelmed with information.
There's just no time to separate
The truth from obfuscation.

I don't know how you do it
But I'm glad we all agree
That Democracy is fragile..
And only truth will keep us free.